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CoinMonsoon -
I'm not the admin! :)

Start: 23/11/2017

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CoinMonsoon provides international investment services and offer you to become an investor in crypto currency market. We work on the principle of minimum risk maximum return and we share our profit from crypto currency trading with our members who letting us trade with higher leverage.

Today millions of people are trading in crypto currency but only few succeed and are able to get a steady income. We work on the principle of minimum risk maximum return, to get the best out of the market for you.
Are you looking for clients/customers who use bitcoins to generate sales to your offers? We give you an advertising credit as a bonus with every share position you purchase, and we ask you to view at least 10 ads to get your earnings for each day.

- Share our profit from crypto currency trading, for letting us trade with higher leverage.
- Grow your bitcoins 1% to 5% daily until reach 120% ROI for each share position.
- Continue to getting 0.2% accrual daily for each expired(reached 120%) share position. FOREVER!
- Promote CoinMonsoon and earn 10% Referral Commission without any limit.
- Withdraw earnings to your Bitcoin wallet anytime by request. Instant processing.
- Guaranteed High Quality and Quick Crypto Currency Traffic.

1% to 5% daily up to 120%;
0.2% daily forever

Referral Commission:

Payment Processors:

Minimum Deposit:
0.01 BTC

Minimum Withdrawal:
0.001 BTC

DDOS Protection
Custom script
Unique Design

Our deposit:
BTC amount: 0.00736 BTC
Hash:1c80ad6d1d62a13f3f17fee30a57a6c09815c36bdcf87 c7da8eadc6b60b2d804

Register here 12-01-2017 02:39 PM

Re: CoinMonsoon -
News from site


Hello dear members,

Today one of our members reported the withdrawal page gave an error and he cannot request withdrawal. I checked the withdraw system and API returned with "the minimum withdraw amount for Bitcoin is 0.0014" error. So I increased the minimum withdrawal amount to 0.0014 BTC.

Admin, CoinMonsoon 12-01-2017 06:33 PM

Re: CoinMonsoon -
Paid ! :)

BTC amount: 0.0007 BTC
Hash:c303f92b2ebccf94d62aa01c5d0286ba88a3f23ce8b61 72ce679c01769a721a6
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12-09-2017 02:27 PM

Re: CoinMonsoon -
Paid again! :)

BTC amount: 0.0031 BTC
Hash:3d6927bfc3e4ff30722b0e45e51f49334e37b4c61c2d1 a53e26b27dd59962405
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12-21-2017 03:20 PM

Re: CoinMonsoon -
Not paying anymore.
Do not spend here.
Protect yourself staying away of this scam site!

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