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Default trusted drop man shipping service for hackers

offering shipping service

hi my name is Mr Good Cat im from the usa im looking for a business partner so i can make extra money im offering to give you my address so that you
can use it and i can receive packages that you order to reship them bak
to any country or stat that your in im a very trustworthy person you can
count on me just looking to make some extra cash on the side so if your
interested plz get bak to me

offering u.s. moneygram/wu/bank drops service

im gonna be honest with you im a genuine honest great loyal man just
looking for someone that can trust me and i can trust them i wouldnt
wanna mess up doing business with you just for a few dollars when i can
make more with you in the long run you will be able to count on me so
lets start doing business n start sending stuff my way i can change the address every week i have access to many diffrent addresses so this can stay on going for a long time i figure since ur a hacker n u sell
information what not order many diffrent expensive things from the us
wit the us information u got n i ship it bak to u n we both make money
so let me know what u think ?..

my email - there is 2 zeros in g00d just so u know

my icq - 375-525-966
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