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Old 04-14-2008, 06:06 PM
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Default ** Established Forum Based Website For Sale

By Andrew L. Wright (Webmaster)
Paris March 22, 2008 (BS)

Established forum based website for sale ... is the Premier free classifieds marketplace

Marketplace to Buy ,sell, trade established webspace,websites,blogs & forums

Msn: or

Visit here to get more information .

You will receive 100% ownership of this awesome domain name and all of the site's unique content. This site is Filled with tons and tons of awesome ever changing content dealing with all types of articles. Site sits on powerful state of the art PHPBB3 PLATFORM. A great site for beginners as well as expert Growers. This Awesome google loving site is sure to rake in the clicks "just like magic!" . This site features a very nice easy to remember domain name, and is in the ever popular website selling niche. This site has also been submitted to over 70 search engines.

This site comes with a built in admin area to manage your content. You simply Login to your admin area and make changes to your site, add articles, manage users, edit the configuration file, and so on . This feature makes it very easy even for a newbie to manage the site with ease.

How to Make Money From Your Community/Forum Based Site

1. Affiliate Program

The problem of using affiliate programs to monetize this portal is that there are not many Malaysia based companies that offer credible affiliate programs which is one thing, finding a suitable program that serves demographic is another thing altogether.

I am sure there are some suitable programs out there but one would just have to search harder. Try joining and look for programs thatís available for the international audience.

Forums can be profitable but only if you have a lot of members and valuable content Ė not to mention the correct niche that the forum should focus on.

2. Look for Local Sponsors

If you can make private arrangement with local companies and have them sponsor your site, you could be making quite a nice income or so I heard. One good example is Ė one of the most popular Malaysian portals.

Iíve tried this method myself for one of my forums but it didnít work as well as I wish since I didnít have a well recognized brand, and the forum was lacking the communities strength at that time. Does your site offer good value for money and a good returns on investments for potential advertisers? This is the question every portal owner should ask him/herself when looking for sponsors.

3. Seek Voluntary Donations From Members

Although this is not one of my favorite tips, others have used it and achieved some level of success.

The expenses to maintain the have been coming out from your own pocket. Depending on your membersí loyalty, I think itís quite fitting for them to share the burden Ė perhaps as a token of appreciation to you.

For larger donation you could give them something in return Ė a T-shirt to encourage donations perhaps?

That said, I am not saying that you should expect something in return but this is one way to help you keep the site running.

4. Sell Text Link Ads and Sponsors for Forum sub section.

There is money to be made by selling text link ads. You can place the them on your homepage or at suitable section in the forum.

You can also find sponsors for the forum sub-section and place a sponsor ad there. I used to see such arrangement at

5. Optimize your AdSense placement.

You could probably improve your AdSense income by optimizing your AdSense placement in the forum. Check out the six AdSense optimization tips for forums.

6. Offer Paid Subscription

If you can come up with premium features, services and content for members you could offer a paid subscription model in return for an access to those premium content. You could charge them a one time fee or on a monthly basis.

This list is in no way definitive but it will point you to the right direction if you are willing to give them a try. Like everything else, making money from a community based portal is not easy. You need tons of traffic, good content and use the correct monetizing methods to succeed.

One of the most successful forums is forum which is making $10,000 a month from Google AdSense alone. Shawn Hogan, the founder shares the revenue with users a win-win arrangement for both parties. He was featured in an article (free registration required) for the New York times last year.

Thank you for looking and good luck!!!

Keep and opened mind for unlimited opportunities.Tonnes of visitors per month .

Send an email to or

For pricing and more information $$

Websites For Sale: Why Now Is A Great Time To Buy Established WebSites For Sale

Buying an established website can be a great way to get a head start for your new internet business and save you a lot of time and effort. While buying an established website is not cheap, it does not have to be expensive either, and if you do your homework you can quickly earn back your money. While buying established websites has always been a good idea, now more than ever it is a great time to buy an established website.

The domain market is a buyer's market in that there is a wide selection of domains available. You can find very specific domains targeted toward a niche and funky, original names you can use for almost anything. The internet is no longer like the Wild West and a good many internet entrepreneurs have developed and then abandoned sites for a variety of reasons.

The domain market (or rather the domain aftermarket) is a buyer's market in that due to that great selection and availability prices are down. You can easily acquire an established domain for a few hundred dollars and if you pay a higher price you can feel confident that benefits will increase accordingly.

Finally, now is a great time to buy an established website because there are so many forums, services, and tools available to help you not only refine your search so you know what you are looking for but also help you gauge the right price range you should expect to pay. In addition, there are services and tools to help you find the right establishes websites for you to buy, determine the fair market value for the property, and then help you negotiate the best price.

If you want to start your new internet enterprise at the head of its class then you should consider buying an established website rather than developing a new site from scratch. Now, more than ever, is a great time to buy established websites for sale.
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